within its mission in Fostering Regional
Integration & Enhancing Consumers Benefits
is pleasant
to announce establish of the Albania
Energy Publication Centre (AEPC)
. In following
of our so far effort to promote the energy sector and the new publisher, it is proceed
with the release of the specific section that aim to gathers publications on EU
and Albania energy market from our partners and think tanks, as harvested from
the rich fields of the industry and consultancy, that tries to give a organise
meaning to multiple developments in the energy world.

we would like to invite all the authors and publisher to take this opportunity
and submit the above material, either as individuals or organisation. Our commitments
is to achieve a steady flow of publication regard energy fields. In specific, all
the interest parties are invite to send the ideas, suggestions and especially their
books to or, along with
a brief a detail terms of propose and if possible a letter of endorsement. The books
and report can be in Albania or English (or any other language), but bear in
mind that our vast majority of the readers are out of Albania.

Finally, it
would like to highlight that ACERC is attracting every day more and more attention
of players in the Albania energy sector and beyond. This is an opportunity to
publish your thoughts on a distinguish professional platform and bring energy
issues to the top of the public agenda. It is worth noting here that
has been consistently the top Albanian energy website followed every day by more
than 400 interested and qualified readers.

In last,
ACERC want to express the conviction that the here initiative will help the Albanian
energy market and its player individually to raise the visibility of current
energy issues to a mass audience. It will not only help us maintain the
momentum that we have built so far but also meet and exceed the objectives of our
network, shared ideas, and benchmark of the best practices. Then, thanking for
the commitments so far, we look forward to hearing your comments and receiving the
first books and studies.

Lorenc Gordani

ACERC Chairman

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