we are very pleasant to announce the establish of partnership with the ESIA SEE.
In recognition of both our efforts, so far to promote the energy sector and the
effort of new publisher it is agreed to create a partnership in support of divulgation
of articles, reports and events to which readers.

we would like to invite our members to take this opportunity and submit the
above material, either as individuals or as organisation. Our objective is to
achieve a steady flow of content of notices regard energy fields in Western

Then, you
are all invite to send the ideas, suggestions and articles to
or, along with a brief bio and if possible a
small photo. The articles can be in Albania or English (or both), but please
bear in mind that our vast majority of the readers are out of Albania.

It is
worth noting here that has been consistently the top Albanian
energy news website followed every day by more than 400 interested and qualified
readers. This initiative will help the Albanian Energy Market and its members
individually to raise the visibility of current energy issues to a mass

we would like to highlight that ACERC is attracting every day more and more attention
of players in the Albania energy sector and beyond. This is an opportunity to
publish your thoughts on a distinguished news site and bring energy issues to
the top of the business agenda.

It will
not only help us maintain the momentum that we have built so far but also meet
and exceed our objectives of networking, sharing ideas, and benchmarking best
practices. Then, thanking for the commitments so far, we look forward to hearing
your comments and receiving the first articles.

Dr Lorenc


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